The woman shared the tips for making a bottle of detergent last year

2021-12-08 05:46:29 By : Ms. Suki Chen

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The holidays are coming—and the piles of gifts hidden under the Christmas tree—you will also have a lot of dishes in your kitchen.

This doesn't mean you have to go and stock up on dish soap!

A woman shared a savvy technique, she claimed to be able to use a bottle of laundry detergent for a whole year.

"There are a few things I'm not cheap," she said.

"That's detergent and Pop-Tarts!"

The self-proclaimed "DIY Queen" told her audience to go to the local supermarket to get a bottle of foaming hand sanitizer.

Then she filled it up—about 1/4 the way—with water and some alcohol.

After mixing all the ingredients, TikToker says to mix them together, but make sure to do it gently.

"I absolutely love this, and I know you will like it too!"

"Creative!" Someone commented that they liked the idea.

For an obsessive audience who didn't believe it, she insisted that diluting it would not reduce efficiency.

In addition, a cleaner revealed: "I am a dry cleaner-I found a lot of cash, passports, and was asked to clean sick people... even worse."

At the same time, the cleaning fanatic revealed that she used a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the washing machine to make sure it was lint-free-because other people have similar habits.