With this Amazon smart soap dispenser, stay healthy with the help of Alexa | Android Center

2021-12-08 05:38:29 By : Mabino Lin

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Before the COVID-19 era, people rarely talked about wiping their hands. Now we find ourselves paying more attention to soaps and disinfectants than ever before. You never know who washes their hands before touching something, so this hands-free Amazon smart soap dispenser is a dream. No need to touch, you just need to reach under the nozzle and it will spray an appropriate amount of hand sanitizer.

We especially like that this smart soap dispenser supports Alexa. After setting up the Amazon smart soap dispenser and pairing it with Alexa devices such as Echo Dot or Echo Show, you will enjoy washing your hands even more. You can create a schedule, automatically play music while flushing, and even let Alexa tell you a joke.

Amazon will reduce the price of smart soap dispensers by 31% this Cyber ​​Monday. Enjoy the discount and use it to get all the beautiful smart home products you dream of. When you wash your hands again, you never have to count to 20 — the Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser has a timer.

Use this smart soap dispenser that supports Alexa to turn the mundane task of washing your hands into a fun little activity. It even has a light to help you keep the washing time within 20 seconds.

If you are worried about battery life, please rest assured that Amazon's smart soap dispenser is outstanding in this field. A charge will last about three months. This is enough to sustain a fiscal quarter!

As for another more obvious problem of using electronics around water, Amazon has also solved this problem. As a safety measure, the smart soap dispenser adopts a splash-proof design. Everywhere, this is a nice little device. If you have children who don't like washing dishes, this will definitely inspire excitement for this task.

We may earn commissions by using our links. learn more.