Lidl offer December 8-14: sliced ​​cheese, ricotta, blackberries, spiral ham, ground beef ::

2021-12-08 05:43:19 By : Ms. Wang Chaars

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Night choice 3 choice 4 and cash 5

Release time: 2021-12-06 08:32:00 Update time: 2021-12-06 08:32:00

Published on December 6, 2021 at 8:32 a.m. Eastern Standard Time

Lidl will have new sales starting on December 8, including ricotta cheese, blackberries, tilapia, ham, avocado, blueberries, ground beef, mini marshmallows, carrots and more!

The transactions posted below are valid in most areas of Raleigh, North Carolina. Check your local ads to verify the price. This list is not a guarantee of price.

These sales are valid for Saturday, December 11, 2021 and Sunday, December 12, 2021.

Ricotta cheese, 15 oz, selected, BOGO (originally $1.69 each)

Sliced ​​cheese, 8 ounces, $2, $2, purchase limit 4-super discount!

Setton Farms California Pistachio, 16 oz, $3.49

Frozen meat lasagna, 40 ounces, $3.99, limited edition of 2

Frozen Skinless Tilapia Fillets, Family Pack, 32 oz, $4.99

Christmas cactus, 4" pot, buy two get one free

These transactions are valid from December 8 to 14, 2021.

Mixed baby potatoes, 1.5 lbs, $2.49, limited edition of 5

Ham portion, 0.89 USD/lb, 25 lb limit

Single glazed spiral ham, $0.95/lb limit 25 lbs

Ground beef, 85% lean, US$2.99/lb, 10 lb limit

Farmer Focus Organic Chicken Drumsticks, $3.19/lb

Steakhouse Naturals 100% Grass Fed Angus Rib Eye Steak, 10 oz, $6.49 each, limited to 2

Fish market Chilean Atlantic salmon fillet, Mediterranean herbs, US$6.99/lb, 10 lb limit

Bone-in beef ribs, $9.99/lb

Lidl Preferred Selection Frozen Shrimp Rings with Cocktail Sauce, 32 oz, $9.99

Premio Italia sausage, 16 ounces, selected, 2 pieces for $5, limited to 4 pieces

Lidl Preferred Selection Salami Slices, 4 oz, selected, $2, $6, limited edition of 4

Lidl Preferred Selection jamon serrano, 8 ounces, $6.99

Lidl Preferred Selection Prosciutto, 4 ounces, BOGO, limited edition of 4

Lidl Preferred Selection Spanish Tapas Cheese Sampler, 5.29 oz, $2.49, available in the myLidl app, limit 2

The Humble Goat Truffle Goat Cheese Log, 4 oz, $2.49

Pillsbury Ready to Bake Shape sugar cookie dough, selected, $2.50

Mint Whipped Dairy Ingredients, 13 oz, $2.89

Sliced ​​Brie Double Cream, 8 oz, $3.99

Lidl Preferred Selection Grilled Brie, 8 oz, $4.99

Goat cheese, 4 oz, selected, BOGO available in the myLidl app, limit 4

Boston Market Chicken Pie, 16 ounces, $2 and $4, available in the myLidl app, limit 4

Gelatelli Peppermint Bark Ice Cream, 16 oz, $2.49

Organic whole wheat bread rolls, $0.49 each, limited to 2

Mini marshmallows, 10 oz, BOGO, available in the myLidl app, limit 4

Fanta orange, Sprite, Coke or Diet Coke, 2 liters, USD 5, USD 5

Kraft Jet Marshmallow Cream, 7 oz, $1.30

Betty Crocker Holiday Cookie Mix, 17.5 oz, $1.83

Sugar cane chocolate sandwich biscuits, 15.25 ounces, $1.99

Lidl Preferred Selection mini meringue, 2.82 oz, $1.99

Durable aluminum foil cake pan with lin, 2 pcs, $1.99

Wilton Holiday Baking Cups, 75 pcs, $1.99

Harris Potter scarf, hat, pajamas, socks

Heating pads, heating pads, back and neck heat packs, sports support covers, support pillows, air purifiers, bath blankets, brushes, foam soap dispensers, trash cans, bathtub jars, salt lamps

Various toy sets, children's interactive watches, ball pits

Ladies sweater dress, high neck shirt, camisole, cardigan, thick knit, plush hoodie, holiday pajamas

Men's corduroy shirts, sweaters, henries, quilted vests

* For many of the products listed in the advertisement, there is a limit to the number of promotional products you can purchase. Be sure to check the ad to understand any restrictions.

* With Lidl buy one get one free (BOGO) discount, one product will ring at full price, and then one free. You must purchase both at the same time to get the selling price.

* The transaction posted above is for the Raleigh area of ​​North Carolina. Check your local ads to verify the price.

Coupon policy: Lidl store does not accept coupons from manufacturers. They do provide store coupons on the Lidl app.

BOGO discount: buy one get one free (BOGO) discount through Lidl, one product will ring at full price, and then one free. You must purchase both at the same time to get the selling price.

myLidl rewards: Be sure to join the Lidl rewards program to get coupons and special discounts. You can join their app or register for a myLidl account online and enter your phone number during checkout.

Payment methods: Lidl accepts cash, credit cards, and debit cards. They do not accept checks.

Bag: Bring your own bag. They do not provide free luggage.

Newly built, beautiful stores and easy-to-shopping layout: All Lidl stores that open this summer will be newly built facilities with an easy-to-manage, easy-to-shopping 20,000 square foot layout and only six aisles.

Fresh baked goods: Every day, customers are greeted with the fragrance of Lidl's high-quality breads and pastries, which are freshly baked throughout the day. There will be a bakery at the entrance of every store.

Healthy and sustainable options: Lidl is committed to providing a wide range of healthy and sustainable options. All fresh and frozen seafood in Lidl's daily classification will receive sustainable certification from the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), Best Aquaculture Practice (BAP) or Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC). Lidl's high-quality private label products do not contain certified synthetic colors, MSG added, or partially hydrogenated oils (PHO) containing trans fats.

Organic and gluten-free options: Lidl will provide a variety of organic and gluten-free products, including organic fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products and packaged foods, all of which will be available at the lowest possible price.

Lidl's premium products: Approximately 90% of Lidl's premium groceries will be exclusive brand products. Every product on the Lidl shelf will undergo rigorous testing to ensure that it meets our high quality standards. There are several products that have won praise in the United States, including the award-winning cheese recognized at the 2017 Los Angeles International Dairy Competition, and a series of baby products that have been tested by parents and sealed by parents.

Lidl Surprise: Lidl will provide a constantly changing selection of non-food products every week, which will be sold in stores for a limited time. Options will include fitness equipment, kitchenette appliances, toys and outdoor furniture, and other non-food items.

Lidl operates more than 10,000 stores in 27 countries/regions in Europe, providing customers with the highest quality fresh produce, meat, baked goods and various household products at the lowest possible price. Lidl first established its US headquarters in Arlington County, Virginia in June 2015. Since then, it announced the establishment of a regional headquarters and distribution center in Spotsylvania County, Virginia; Alamance County, North Carolina, and Cecil County, Maryland.

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