By 2026, the market size of automatic soap dispensers will reach US$1.57402 billion-Arizton

2021-12-08 05:37:29 By : Mr. Yujin Song

Chicago, December 1, 2021/PRNewswire/-This global automatic soap dispenser market report contains in-depth analysis and data-driven insights on the impact of COVID-19.

The compound annual growth rate of the automatic soap dispenser market during 2020-2026 is expected to exceed 12.46%.

The main highlights provided in the report:

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a positive impact on the automatic soap dispenser market. Many public assembly points have installed automatic soap dispensers. Especially in airports, railway stations, hospitals, etc. This greatly increases the demand for the use of automatic soap dispensers.

The passive infrared part dominates the sensor part of the market. The infrared sensor is very portable, easy to install, durable in function, and low power consumption, which increases the adoption rate of infrared sensor-based devices on the market.

Healthcare settings dominate the market share of automatic soap dispensers. Many hospitals have begun to install automatic soap dispensers in intensive care units and operating rooms to maintain high hygiene standards for healthcare professionals. Especially when treating patients with highly infectious diseases.

Wall-mounted automatic soap dispensers dominate the installed market. The growing trend of smart toilets has largely driven architects to install wall-mounted automatic soap dispensers. This segment is expected to grow at an incremental growth rate of more than US$400 million.

North America is dominated by regional market segments. Due to increased awareness of hand hygiene, economic affordability becomes stronger. The incremental growth rate in the region exceeds $250 million.

Market size and forecast by revenue | 2020-2026

Market dynamics-leading trends, growth drivers, constraints and investment opportunities

Market segmentation-detailed analysis by sensor, installation, supplement, end user and geographic location

Competitive landscape – 5 major suppliers and 40 other suppliers

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Automatic soap dispenser market-segmentation

With various advantages such as higher reliability and lower price, these advantages are increasingly becoming the first choice for non-contact technology in bathroom and kitchen areas. Passive infrared sensors help to detect the infrared energy emitted by a person's body heat. When the user's hand approaches or approaches the sensors, these sensors are expected to fluctuate.

Automatic soap dispensers reduce the spread of bacteria by spreading from highly contacted surfaces. Easy, simple and convenient use is the concern of various automatic soap dispenser suppliers. These products are non-contact in nature, so they are beneficial as sanitary supplements for bathrooms and kitchens.

Some suppliers design automatic soap dispensers according to specific refill types, such as foam soap dispensers, liquid soap dispensers, spray soap dispensers, etc. In places with very high hygiene requirements, use the spray model because it can spray the required concentration of soap on the entire hand.

Automatic soap dispenser market by sensor

Automatic soap dispenser market (by installation)

Automatic soap dispenser market by refills

Automatic soap dispenser market for end users

Automatic soap dispenser market-dynamic

Suppliers in the field of automatic soap dispensers are connecting IoT (Internet of Things) devices to their products to provide a contactless sanitation experience without splashing any water or soap. This brings more benefits to users, such as ensuring that people wash their hands correctly for 20 seconds as recommended by WHO. Due to the Internet of Things, automation in soap dispensers is widely accepted because it not only gives people a sense of quality, but also helps maintain top-notch hygiene. The latest Internet of Things automatic soap dispenser is designed with sensors that can dispense hand sanitizer according to the precise amount programmed in the device. This is considered a 100% safe method of handling equipment, and there is very little waste of resources. A large number of devices are connected securely with the help of a local Wi-Fi network and often share data to the Internet. IoT connected devices share information about the level of consumables, frequency of use, and other information, which benefits end users.

The main driving factors and trends driving market growth:

The demand for smart bathroom solutions continues to increase

Expansion of the real estate and hospitality industry

Consumers' health awareness continues to increase

Automatic soap dispenser market-geography

Due to various factors, such as the increasing prevalence of HAI and the improvement of people's hygiene standards, there is a high demand for automatic soap dispensers in North America. North America is one of the most developed regions in terms of economic status, social living standards and technological development. The political dynamics of the countries in the region bring stability, which in turn paints a favorable environment for businesses in the region. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States CDC reported that the 2018 flu season was the worst in a decade and asked people to take additional preventive measures against infectious diseases. In addition, the spread of the virus across the country has led to an increase in the sales of sanitary products such as automatic soap dispensers and disinfectants. North America is one of the most developed regions in terms of economic status, social living standards and technological development. The political dynamics of the countries in the region bring stability, which in turn paints a favorable environment for businesses in the region.

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Automatic soap dispenser market by region

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