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2021-12-08 05:38:02 By : Ms. vivian yuan

The coronavirus pandemic shows that one habit that can keep us from harm is to wash our hands frequently. If your parents tell you to wash your hands before meals, and you choose to be negligent, it's time to change. 

Recently, soap has given way to liquid soap. This makes it very convenient to wash hands even in public places.

Online hand sanitizer is also the best-selling product. If you plan to buy some of these hand sanitizers for your family, please consider the following list:

1. Dettol Handwash non-contact automatic soap dispenser with aloe vera replenisher

The main attraction of this Dettol hand sanitizer is that it has a dispenser and does not require the user to touch the bottle, thereby providing better protection against bacteria. The good news is that the dispenser can also be refilled. Liquid soap contains aloe vera extract and some moisturizers. The box has a non-contact dispensing system, non-contact hand sanitizer refill and two batteries. MRP: 999.00 rupees Price: 899.00 rupees 2. Godrej Protekt Germ Fighter hand sanitizer refill

This Godrej hand sanitizer is designed to protect you from bacteria. It has an effective rate of 99.9% against pathogenic bacteria and bacteria. At the same time, it does not contain any substances that may cause potential damage to your skin. 98% of its ingredients are from natural sources. Because it is rich in glycerin and essential oils, it will not dry out your skin. More importantly, it is also environmentally friendly because it uses a fully recyclable and reusable format. It has the following variants: Aqua, Lavender, Neem and Aloe Vera. Price: 99.00 rupees 3. Savlon Herbal Sensitivel pH balance hand sanitizer refill bag

Savlon is another trusted healthcare brand. Its booster packs are very popular online. This hand sanitizer can also prevent the growth of bacteria, and the effective rate of bacteria is 99.9%. Its herbal extracts and antimicrobial silver nanoparticles can not only prevent infections, but are also gentle on your skin because it is a pH-balanced hand sanitizer.

MRP: 319.00 rupees transaction price: 185.00 rupees 4. Santoor mild hand sanitizer

This hand sanitizer is filled with the essence of Tulsi. With its antibacterial and antioxidant properties, it can effectively clean and protect your hands from bacteria and bacteria. It also contains lotus petals, which can soothe and moisturize the hands, leaving them soft and smooth. It has three other variants.

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