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Chicago, November 24, 2021/PRNewswire/-The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has created a huge demand for hygiene products. Smart technologies such as automatic soap dispensers and hand dyeing machines are in great demand in the global market. Several major players in the market advertise their hand dryers as environmentally friendly products on the market. Europe is expected to occupy the largest share of the handheld dryer sector, with incremental revenues of more than $122 million during the period 2020-2026. The United States has been severely affected by the pandemic, which is driving the growth of these products in the market. Observing these rapid and dramatic changes in demand and supply patterns, Arizton's industry analysts encouraged them to publish detailed data-driven insights on these latest trends in consumer products and retail technology. If you want to grow and make profits in your business, check out our extensive consumer products and retail technology related reports now, and get customized reports based on your business needs!   

Automatic soap dispenser market-global outlook and forecast for 2021-2026

By 2026, the market size of automatic soap dispensers is expected to reach US$1.57402 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 12.46% during the period 2021-2026. Compared with spray and foam soap dispensers, digital soap dispensers are the most convenient. Due to the booming commercial real estate, hotel, corporate, and educational markets, countries such as China, Germany, Japan, and India have increased demand for automatic soap dispensers filled with liquid (soap). In 2021, Amazon launched a soap dispenser connected with Alexa in the United States. Similarly, Xiaomi also introduced an automatic soap dispenser. It is expected that e-commerce distribution channels in the automatic soap dispenser market will flourish. The main leading suppliers in the global automatic soap dispenser industry are Reckitt Benckiser, 3M, Euronics, GOJO Industries and Kimberly Clark.

For more information: https://www.arizton.com/market-reports/automatic-soap-dispenser-market-size-analysis

Commercial hand dryer market-global outlook and forecast for 2021-2026

By 2026, the commercial hand dryer market will reach USD 2 billion, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 8% during the forecast period. Suppliers that cater to the global commercial hand dryer market deliberately develop strategic partnerships to take advantage of the existing market demand for hand dryers. The adoption of XLERATOR hand dryers has helped to significantly reduce the carbon footprint, which in turn has become increasingly popular in the global market. The increasing diversification of consumer purchases is expected to witness a surge in demand during the forecast period. For example, it is expected that higher digitalization will pave the way for new buying methods and partners. Since market demand is mainly met through a network of dealers and distributors, players can consider developing strategic channels with large-scale commercial infrastructure players to occupy the existing needs of their respective markets.

For more information: https://www.arizton.com/market-reports/commercial-high-speed-hand-dryer-market

U.S. high-speed hand dryer market-2020-2025 industry outlook and forecast

By 2025, the US high-speed hand dryer market will reach 345 million U.S. dollars, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 7% during the forecast period. Manufacturers of high-speed hand dryers are focusing on the development of environmentally friendly products. The development of smart technology in other fields has had a positive impact on the US high-speed hand dryer market. In addition, suppliers that cater to the US market are focusing on expanding their influence on the Canadian market to take full advantage of the potential of the North American market. Suppliers may consider developing strategic channels with large-scale commercial infrastructure construction participants to leverage on the existing demand in the US high-speed hand dryer market. The trend of smart cities is expected to accelerate the rapid growth of the market.  

For more information: https://www.arizton.com/market-reports/united-states-high-speed-hand-dryer-market-size-analysis

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